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Samsung Ducted Air Conditioners

Samsung Ducted Air Conditioners

Samsung ducted air conditioners feature advanced inverter technology that adjusts power usage to maintain optimal temperature without excessive energy consumption.

With intelligent controls, you can easily manage settings from a central controller or via a smartphone app, providing convenience and flexibility.

Additionally, Samsung’s ducted systems are designed with air purification technology, ensuring your environment remains fresh and clean. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, these systems provide a reliable, energy-efficient solution for comprehensive climate control.

Working to keep you and your family comfortable all year round

A Samsung inverter reverse cycle Ducted Air Conditioner is designed to enable each room in your home to be cooled or heated by one system. Ducted Systems are also relatively unobtrusive as the conditioned air is distributed through ducts hidden in your roof space to outlets in the ceiling of each room

The primary components of your Samsung Ducted System consist of the indoor unit, outdoor unit and controller.

Key Features & Benefits

Efficient Airflow

Equipped with powerful fans, the Duct S2 ensures rapid cooling and heating. The 10.0kW model features three fans for enhanced airflow, ensuring even temperature distribution.

Discrete Installation

The unit is designed to be unobtrusive, with air distributed through ducts hidden in the roof space and outlets in the ceiling of each room.

Energy Efficient

Utilises R32 refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly and helps in reducing energy consumption.

Flexible Capacity Options

Available in multiple capacities (5.2kW to 16.0kW) to suit different house sizes and requirements.

Year-Round Comfort

Provides both cooling and heating, ensuring your home remains comfortable no matter the season.

Quiet Operation

Designed to operate quietly, making it suitable for residential areas where noise can be a concern.

Enhanced Durability

Built to last with high-quality components, ensuring reliable performance over the long term.

Product Range

10.0 kW – 6 RDO – 4 Zones 1 Phase – From $9,456

12.5 kW – 8 RDO – 4 Zones 1 Phase – From $10,547

14 kW – 10 RDO – 4 Zones 1 Phase – From $12,249

16 kW – 10 RDO – 4 Zones 1 Phase – From $12,292

20 kW – 12 RDO – 4 Zones 1 Phase – From $13,816

Why Choose Samsung?

Samsung is a leader in innovative home solutions, offering products that combine advanced technology with user-friendly features. With a focus on energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, Samsung air conditioners are designed to provide superior comfort while minimising energy costs.