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Sungrow SBR Series

From $9,687

Unlock the full potential of your solar investment with the Sungrow SBR Series, available in capacities ranging from 3.2 to 25.6 kWh.

Designed for both residential and commercial applications, the Sungrow SBR Series batteries are the ideal solution for anyone looking to enhance their energy independence, manage electricity costs, and increase their use of clean, renewable power.

Key Features & Benefits

Unmatched Energy Storage and Efficiency

High Storage Capacity
Choose from a range of battery capacities to meet your specific energy needs, from small-scale residential systems to large-scale commercial applications.

High Efficiency Conversion
Sungrow batteries feature advanced conversion technology for efficient energy storage and retrieval, maximising your solar energy usage.

Reliable Backup Power

Seamless Transition
Automatically switches to stored energy in case of a grid outage, providing uninterrupted power to keep your essential devices running.

Customisable Backup Reserve
Allocate a portion of stored energy for emergency use, ensuring you have enough power when you need it most.

Intelligent Energy Management

Real-Time Monitoring
Track your battery performance and energy usage in real-time via the Sungrow mobile app, giving you complete control over your energy system.

Time-Based Control
Optimise energy consumption and lower electricity bills by using stored energy during peak demand periods.

Flexible and Scalable Design

Modular Architecture
Add additional battery modules as your energy needs grow, without the need for costly upgrades or changes.

Seamless Integration
Integrates easily with Sungrow inverters and other solar products for a fully connected energy ecosystem.

Robust Safety and Durability

Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)
Ensures optimal battery health and safety with comprehensive monitoring and intelligent control of charging and discharging.

Rugged Weatherproof Design
Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, providing reliable performance in any environment.

Technical Specifications

Empower Your Sustainable Energy Journey

Discover the power of complete energy independence with Sungrow Battery Solutions. Whether for your home or business, unlock the full potential of your solar system and enjoy reliable, efficient, and sustainable power.


  • Battery Capacity:
    • SBR096: 9.6 kWh
    • SBR128: 12.8 kWh
    • SBR160: 16.0 kWh
    • SBR192: 19.2 kWh
    • SBR224: 22.4 kWh
    • SBR256: 25.6 kWh
  • Round-Trip Efficiency: >97%
  • Scalability: Up to 102.4 kWh per inverter
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
  • Warranty: 10 years