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Written on June 27, 2024
Solar Batteries

Compare The Best Solar Batteries: Tesla vs Enphase vs Sungrow

If you’re a homeowner considering adding battery storage to your solar system, you’ve probably come across a myriad of battery brands. Names like Tesla Powerwall 2, Enphase IQ 5P, and Sungrow might sound familiar. Each promises to enhance your energy independence, reduce electricity costs, and boost your solar power system’s efficiency. But which one is the best fit for your home?

Navigating through these options can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. As experts in renewable energy systems and providers of Tesla, Enphase, and Sungrow batteries, we’re here to guide you with confidence. In this article, you’ll discover the key features, performance metrics, costs, and user experiences of the Tesla Powerwall 2, Enphase IQ 5P, and Sungrow Batteries.

By the end, you’ll know which battery system best suits your needs, ensuring you make a well-informed investment for your home.

Tesla Powerwall 2
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Overview of The Tesla Powerwall 2

When it comes to home energy storage, the Powerwall 2 by Tesla stands out as a game-changer. This innovative solution not only stores the excess energy generated by your solar panels but also ensures you have a reliable backup during power outages. But what exactly makes the Powerwall 2 so special, and how can it transform your home’s energy management? In this section, we’ll dive into the key features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of the Powerwall 2, giving you a clear understanding of why it might be the perfect addition to your solar power system.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: The Tesla Powerwall 2 offers a usable capacity of 13.5 kWh, making it one of the largest residential batteries available. This capacity is sufficient to power an average home for a day.

  • Power Output: With a continuous power output of 5 kW and peak power output of 7 kW, the Powerwall 2 can handle heavy loads, ensuring that your essential appliances and devices remain powered during outages.

  • Scalability: Multiple Powerwall units can be connected to increase storage capacity, providing flexibility for larger homes or higher energy demands.

Performance Metrics:

  • Efficiency: The Powerwall 2 boasts a round-trip efficiency of 90%, meaning that 90% of the energy stored in the battery can be used.

  • Lifespan: Tesla offers a 10-year warranty with an expected lifespan of at least 15 years, assuming daily cycling. 

Installation and Maintenance:

  • Installation: The Powerwall 2 can be wall or floor-mounted, indoors or outdoors, offering versatile installation options. Professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal performance and safety.

  • Maintenance: Minimal maintenance is required. The battery is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures and is equipped with liquid thermal control to maintain optimal performance, but it is best to keep out of direct sunlight to ensure the battery performance and longevity is not compromised


  • The Tesla Powerwall 2 typically costs around $15,800 including installation fees, with an additional Tesla Powerwall 2 costing around $12,800. The total cost can vary based on the complexity of the installation, the number of phases at the property and additional equipment required.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 utilises lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology with a specific focus on nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) chemistry. This combination provides a high energy density, which translates to efficient energy storage and discharge. The NMC chemistry is well-regarded for its stability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for residential energy storage. Encasing these advanced cells in a durable, weather-resistant housing designed to endure various environmental conditions, ensuring the Powerwall 2 performs optimally whether installed indoors or outdoors. 

The Best Solar Batteries
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Overview Of The Enphase IQ 5P

Navigating the world of home energy storage brings us to the Enphase IQ 5P Battery, a cutting-edge solution designed to optimise your solar power system’s efficiency and reliability. Known for its seamless integration with Enphase microinverters, this battery offers robust performance, flexibility, and intelligent energy management. In this section, we’ll explore the standout features, advantages, and any potential downsides of the Enphase IQ 5P Battery, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of why it might be the ideal choice for enhancing your home’s solar energy system.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: The Enphase IQ 5P offers a usable capacity of 5kWh per battery. While slightly lower than the Tesla Powerwall 2, it can still provide substantial energy storage for daily use.

  • Power Output: It has a continuous power output of 3.84 kW and a peak power output of 7.68 kW. This allows for effective management of household loads during peak times and power outages.

  • Scalability: Like the Powerwall 2, the IQ 5P can be scaled by connecting multiple units, making it adaptable for various household energy needs.

Performance Metrics:

  • Efficiency: The IQ 5P has a round-trip efficiency of approximately 96%, which means it retains more of the energy stored compared to many competitors.

  • Lifespan: Enphase provides a 15-year warranty with an expected operational life similar to that of the Powerwall 2, ensuring longevity with proper usage.

Installation and Maintenance:

  • Installation: The Enphase IQ 5P is designed for flexibility with both wall and floor-mount options, and it can be installed indoors or outdoors. Professional installation ensures optimal configuration and safety.

  • Maintenance: The IQ 5P is low-maintenance, designed to operate efficiently across a broad range of temperatures. It incorporates advanced thermal management to sustain performance.


  • The Enphase IQ 5P battery costs around $11,499,  including installation fees. The final price depends on installation specifics and any additional components required for the setup.

The Enphase IQ 5P uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry. LFP batteries are celebrated for their exceptional safety, thermal stability, and long cycle life, making them a robust option for home energy storage. The LFP chemistry provides significant advantages in terms of safety and durability, reducing risks of overheating and extending the battery’s lifespan.

The IQ 5P is enclosed in a sturdy, weather-proof casing, similar to the Powerwall 2, ensuring it can withstand both indoor and outdoor installations while maintaining reliable performance. However, it employs passive cooling, so keeping it out of direct sunlight is even more important.

Sungrow Solar Battery
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Overview of The Sungrow Battery 

The Sungrow battery is a versatile and robust energy storage solution designed for residential solar power systems. Known for its modular design, the SBR096 offers flexibility and scalability, making it an attractive option for homeowners looking to maximise their energy independence. This battery system is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing solar setups or as part of a fully integrated solar and battery solution, providing a reliable source of stored energy that can be used during peak demand periods or power outages.

The Sungrow battery also comes with advanced safety features and intelligent management systems. It is equipped with multiple layers of protection, including overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection, ensuring the safety of your home and the longevity of the battery. The intelligent battery management system (BMS) continuously monitors and optimises the battery’s performance, providing real-time data and diagnostics. This feature not only enhances the safety and efficiency of the battery but also allows homeowners to monitor their energy usage and battery status through a user-friendly interface.

Key Features of the Sungrow Battery

  • Capacity: The Sungrow battery is modular by design and offers a usable capacity of 3.2 kWh per battery. Starting with a minimum of two battery modules and a storage capacity of 6.4kWh, this capacity makes it a strong contender in the market, providing ample energy storage for daily household use, particularly for those with high energy consumption or larger solar setups.
  • Power Output: The has a starting continuous power output of 3.84 kW, and increases by 1.92kW with each additional module. This high power output allows for effective management of household loads, especially during peak demand times or power outages, ensuring that essential appliances and systems remain operational.
  • Scalability: The modular design of the battery allows for scalability. Homeowners can connect multiple units to increase total storage capacity all the way up to 102.4kWh, making it adaptable to a variety of household energy needs. This flexibility ensures that the battery system can grow alongside your energy requirements.

Performance Metrics

  • Efficiency: The Sungrow battery boasts a round-trip efficiency of over 95%. This means that a high percentage of the energy stored is retained and usable, reducing energy loss and maximising the benefits of your solar power system.

  • Lifespan: Sungrow provides a 10-year warranty for their battery, with an expected operational life that ensures long-term reliability. Proper usage and maintenance can help extend the battery’s life, providing sustained energy storage over many years.

Installation and Maintenance

  • Installation: The Sungrow Battery modules are designed with installation flexibility in mind, offering both wall and floor-mount options. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on space and preference. Professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal configuration and safety, taking into account specific household requirements and local regulations.

  • Maintenance: The Sungrow battery is designed to be low-maintenance, operating efficiently across a broad range of temperatures. It features advanced thermal management systems that help sustain performance and protect the battery from temperature-related issues. Routine checks and monitoring via the intelligent battery management system (BMS) ensure ongoing efficiency and safety.


  • The 6.4kWh Sungrow battery system is competitively priced, generally costing around $8,000 to $10,000, including installation fees. The final price may vary based on specific installation requirements and any additional components needed for the setup. This cost-effective solution provides homeowners with a reliable and efficient energy storage option without breaking the bank. 

The Best Solar Batteries
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Customer Support for Tesla, Enphase & Sungrow

An important factor to consider post-installation is ensuring you can reach both the installer for general support and the product manufacturers for specific product-related issues.

Tesla offers comprehensive customer support, accessible through their website, mobile app, and customer service hotline. They provide detailed installation guides, troubleshooting resources, and a responsive support team. 

Users report that while support is generally good, response times can vary, especially during peak times or when dealing with more complex issues.

Enphase is known for its strong customer support, with resources available through their website, customer support hotline, and a dedicated mobile app. They offer extensive documentation, including installation manuals and troubleshooting guides.

Customers frequently praise Enphase for their prompt and helpful support, noting the efficiency and effectiveness of their service team in resolving issues.

Enphase boasts a call response time of less than 60 seconds, ensuring they answer customer calls within this brief timeframe. We tested this out and were amazed after 40 seconds the call was answered.  

Sungrow offers comprehensive customer service through multiple channels, including their customer support hotline, their dedicated app, and their official website. This multi-faceted approach ensures that assistance is readily available no matter how you prefer to seek help.

Much like Enphase, Sungrow includes detailed installation manuals and troubleshooting guides both in their app and on their main website. However, it’s important to note that while Sungrow provides solid customer service, it may not reach the same level of excellence as that of Tesla or Enphase. Tesla and Enphase are often praised for their exceptional customer support, quick response times, and overall user satisfaction. While Sungrow’s customer service is reliable and comprehensive, some users might find it falls slightly short compared to these leading competitors.

recycling solar batteries
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Environmental Impact:

As the popularity of battery storage continues to increase annually among homeowners, the demand for recycling processes and facilities has surged. Contrary to popular belief, solar batteries can indeed be recycled in Australia.

Recent advancements in recycling technology have led to the establishment of several facilities in New South Wales that specialise in recycling lithium-ion batteries, the most common type used in Australia. Furthermore, the elimination of cobalt from new batteries is expected to boost lithium-ion battery recycling. 

Tes-Amm, one of the leading lithium-ion recycling facilities in Australia, utilises sophisticated technology to separate raw materials, Lithium Carbonate, Cobalt Hydroxide, Sodium Sulfate (by-products), Graphite/Copper/Aluminum, for repurpose.

These batteries are recyclable not only at the end of their lifespan but also when they need replacing.

So, What’s Next?

Only you truly know what you are looking for in a battery system for your home and with the above information, which battery sits right with your needs and circumstances.  At Lenergy, we supply  the Enphase IQ 5P, Sungrow and Tesla Powerwall 2, because we believe in all products. So which is the best? It really comes down to your personal preference.

Now it’s time to get the ball rolling on your solar battery installation and start reaping the benefits.

Get in touch today and we can make the above a reality.